Women with sexual desire!

Kafila.org | Feb 11, 2013

In a piece about female sexual desire, Veena Venugopal talks about a woman’s desire, the need for it to be acknowledged in society and several pop culture references highly relevant.

In an early episode of Girls, one of the characters reads from a dating manual. “Sex from behind is degrading. He should want to look at your beautiful face,” she reads. To which the other asks, “what if I want something different? What if I want to feel like I have udders?”

Entire piece here: When women ask for it: Veena Venugopal


2 thoughts on “Women with sexual desire!

    • It probably isn’t. That is not even what the author is saying. I believe the point is to merely say a woman can feel what she wants even if she wants to feel like she has udders. To embrace their sexual desire irrespective of whether it’s acceptable socially or not.

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