What’s with high heels?

William Kremer on BBC World Service (Jan 25, 2013)

Recently, The Guardian published this response from Hadley Freeman for the question “Is it unfeminist to wear high heels?” While Hadley’s response and the following barrage of comments is another story, this post is about the absolute that is high heels. Being all of four feet and eleven inches in height, the high heels have always been taught to me as something that can make up for my inherent *short*comings.

So, when @madplays shared this BBC story (?) on high heels, I couldn’t resist sharing it here.

“One of the best ways that status can be conveyed is through impracticality,” says Semmelhack, adding that the upper classes have always used impractical, uncomfortable and luxurious clothing to announce their privileged status.

Full piece here.


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